donny's side projects

Explore some of the projects he made. There will be more to come...


a piece for Music box and live electronics

Experimenting with anything he found interesting was just one of his "hobbies" to kill time when he was a student. He often broke things he touches in order to feed his curiosity. Upon finishing his master's in electroacoustic composition, and tired of "breaking things" and loosing money to pay for them, Donny decided to craft his own instrument. A music box which serves both, his technical and artistic interests.

Basically, he meant to create a performance, in which the performer continuously interacts with a "relatively" small object by touching it in various ways, as well using extra objects to "test the acoustic" of the box by attaching them to it and doing actions which create different sounds.
Any touch means "something will be triggered", either the live-processed sound, live-recorded sample, or certain modulations. He could achieve these with Arduino sensors.

click the link below for more infos...
(for now it's only in german)



works only with Google Chrome & Mozilla Firefox

this is an old experiment when he was a student. A simple smiley generator. The basic technique is a pretty straight forward »pitch & envelope detection«. The detected values will be converted into chromatic scale and trigger an array of smiley symbols. This project was made with javascript.

Please follow the instructions on the screen on how to operate it.

Instructions :

  • click the button above
  • allow your browser to use your mic input
  • SING !!


works only with Safari 13.0


1. click the radio button below

2. click OSC1- &/ OSC2 Start

3. move your mouse inside this box

... and play with the sound :)

Switch on Oscillator Button

Frequency1 (Hz)

Frequeny2 (Hz)